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Nov 30 17:10

Bye bye Helsinki! Hi Berlin!

It’s been almost 5 years since I arrived first time to Finland. Lots of things happened since. I broke up with my Spanish girlfriend, made new good friends (some BFFs), went out with some girls, met my wife, bought a house, got married, became a father… even the Spanish soccer team won the Eurocup and the World Cup. Once in a lifetime! :)

On the professional side, things also went very nice. MeeGo (ex-Maemo, ex-OSSO) is more alive and relevant than ever and I’m proud of having been working with great people and being responsible of an awesome team that does more than the impossible. I’m very happy of having been able to create an open-source-project-like environment where everybody puts their passion on creating something of value, whether we do open source, pure proprietary software or the combination of both.

Unfortunately living in Finland hasn’t been as easy and it was really becoming a hassle for me and my family. That means, because of personal reasons, I’ll be leaving Finland to relocate to Berlin.

The good thing is I’m not leaving Nokia and I’ll still be working very very closely to MeeGo on something very interesting.

I have to thank Finland for these wonderful years full of experiences and continuous learning. Also and more importantly, I have to thank all the people I met here in Finland along all these years. I will be missing all of you :’)

See ya in Berlin! :)

Aug 03 17:00

Qt Messaging FW is in Meego!

We have been cooking this for 2 years and I’m¬†enormously¬†excited about this! We are in MeeGo! :)

Qt Messaging FW (aka QMF) is a modern LGPL e-mail framework for mobile with very cool stuff such as support for protocol plugins (a plugin can be for Activesync for example), threading support, integration with Tracker, IMAP IDLE (Push IMAP), Server-side search, support for combined inboxes and many cool features more which makes it the most powerful e-mail framework in the market. Hands down! :)

Still, the coolest feature is that is open source and YOU can help to make it better and even start using it in your MeeGo environment from Meego gitorious. You also can go to Qt gitorious and give it a try on your Linux desktop. It has a sample QtMail application for desktop with even support for Webkit for rendering.

Oops. Did I tell you it also runs on Mac and Windows? I use it on my Snow Leopard (you gotta run the messageserver as a daemon as well).

Check out this blog post from our awesome Don Sanders and team for more technical info.

Last thing, if you have ideas on how to make it better. Join us in Meego.com! :)

Jun 30 23:10

MeeGo Handset Project Day 1 is Here